Selling Your Old, Ugly, And Dated House In RI and MA: Benefits of a local cash home buying company!

If you’re planning to sell your old, ugly, and dated house in Rhode Island and Massachusetts in  2024, a cash home buying company is the best option for you. Traditional home selling process will be an uphill climb as traditional banks do not lend on homes that do not pass their strict buying criteria. The property has to be fixed, updated, shinning, and in pristine condition.  According to statistics, 10% of houses in America are in distress all the time. A cash home buying is a great solution to solving the problem. These companies buys properties old, ugly and dated houses cash, in as little as 21days.  In this guide, we’ll take you through  some  benefits of selling to a local cash home buying company when searching for ‘’how to sell my old, ugly, and dated house fast in Rhode Island and  Massachusetts.?’’

Steps to Sell Your old, ugly, and dated House fast in Rhode Island and Massachusetts.
Step 1
Check out Different cash home buying companies:

Explore Your Options in your local market about cash home buying companies. A lot of companies claim they offer quick cash offers for old, ugly, and dated houses. Do your research and vet the companies properly before picking the one that resonates with you.

Cash offer: Local cash home buying companies do not need traditional banks to buy your property, they have in-house process of raising the capital to buy the property. A critical step in buying an old, ugly, and dated property is the cash home buying company having access to the funds without caring about the current condition of the property.

Quick closing:  A local cash home buying company is small and can make quick decisions in a timely manner if your property meets their buying criteria.

No Realtor needed = Zero commissions: A local cash home buying company buys directly from the homeowner, therefore no real estate agent is involved, saving the seller on agents commissions. This can be as high as 6% from the sellers proceeds.

No repairs needed: A local cash home buying company will not tell you they need the roof fixed if it is leaking or any other areas of your property that needs updating. They like to do the work themselves and make the property look great for another family to create new memories.

Closing cost: Some local cash home buying companies offers this incentive, paying the seller’s closing cost. Make sure you ask if they provide this during your discussions with the company. (psst doesn’t hurt to ask)

Help clearing the house: Some local cash home buying companies provide a dumpster style service to their client. The seller  takes only the things they need and the local cash home buying company will take care of what is left on the property.

Teamwork: Local cash home buying companies are able to work directly with seller’s  without having to go through many chains of commands. The process is more personal, in touch, and understanding of the seller’s problems and priorities.


If you are looking to sell your old, ugly, and dated house in Rhode Island in, but you are worried about the costly repairs. These steps will help you navigate your way in finding a reputable cash home buying company in your local market.

Free free to reach out to us if you have any questions or want to learn more about ‘’sell my house in Rhode Island’’.

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